Yes, we emphasize Practice makes perfect!  Besides helping your school homework, we will constantly give you our school assignments.  To learn any subject, it is important to check your knowledge and understanding of the concepts. Each lesson includes opportunities for you to evaluate your learning in both an ungraded and graded activity.  You will receive instant feedback on questions.  Free whatsapp homework help is also available.

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Are there assignments?

eAsy Tutor offers individual and small group tutorials in academic programmes including the IB, IGCSE, HKDSE,  SAT, AP, MCAT, and GCE AL.  We specialise in tutoring Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Science and Olympiad Mathematics.

Our main math & science tutor Mr. Leung provide pro quality tutorials in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Science, and Olympiad Mathematics, at both your home and our center in Mong Kok of Hong Kong. 

Meanwhile, our team tutors Miss. Jamie and Mr. Tsang offer English for science in-center training in various English courses.

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How does eAsy Tutor work?

Most courses are supplemented with PDF study materials and practice exercises. In some courses (integrated science, junior math courses, etc.), you will be provided with ebook.  You are not required to purchase any textbook. 

Moreover, a computer with good and fast internet connection at home is highly recommended for doing web exercises.

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Are there course textbooks?

Is my academic progress guaranteed?

Yes, I Can, You Can! We have many proven success cases.

Your Determiantion, Our Dedication!

Your Progress, Our Promise!

Your Award, Our Reward!

For students taking public examinations, we have Result Guarantee Schemes available.

For diligent HKDSE students receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance, we offer free tutorials.

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Unless otherwise specified, course materials are in English.

However some HKDSE chemistry materials are bilingual in both English and Chinese.

Olympiad Math courses for elementary students are in Chinese.

Olympiad Math courses for junior high students are in bilingual in both English and Chinese.

However, students can ask questions in English, Cantonese or Japanese.

What language is the course available in?

First, you need to bring a scientific calculator and a USB  flash memory stick to each class.  PowerPoint presentations, ebooks, PDF or Words study materials will be distributed from time to time. 

Second, it's important to be an active learner.  Attend the lessons as often as possible. Be sure to do the homework and web exercises! It's also great to practice to engage with other students through the discussion forums,  or meet-ups.  Applying in daily life what you learn through different math and science courses will also be vital to your learning.

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How can I get the most out of a course?

eAsy Tutor A Pros for Math Chem Physics




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