Comments from Parents & Students

Recommendations from schools

“To Raymond: Happy Teacher's Day!

I am very glad to have you, a super chemistry teacher!  Seriously!  Thanks to your assistance, I have got all A in AL chemistry.  You are super knowledgeable in all subjects.  Simply, you are an Exam God!  Besides, you are a good badminton player~Though sometimes I am a naughty girl in class, your chem class is fun though and I promise to do my best. Hope you can teach me forever.”

— Amy, Jiangmen No.1 High School,China Ray 's student of GCE AL chem, math, further pure math, mechanics. She got 3A*A and CUHK granted her HK$360000 entry scholarship.

“Well noted and thank you for your information.
My son got 990/990 in GRE Physics Exam.!”

— Mr Chow, a gifted child's parent




"Maths 7 phy 7 chem 6 Chem 1% to a 7.  Thanks😊 I just appealed today ”

—Franco, IB student  St Stephen's College, Stanley Bay









"I am writing to tell you that I got accepted to the University of Toronto and Mcgill University.  I went to the high school today to tell you about this news, but I could not find you.  Thank you very much for helping me."

— Harris Stroud-Drinkwater,  Ray's Math student , University of Toronto  Ritsumeikan Uji High School (IBDP school)

"Dear Mr Leung

Thanks for teaching us in this month! We had learnt a lot from you. "

— Claire, DMHC Siu Ming Secondary School

“Mr. Leung showed in-depth knowledge in the subjects areas he  taught and competence in classroom management.”


— Mr. Wu, IB Coordinator, DBS

“Mr. Leung has strong subject knowledge.  He prepares his lessons well with ample audio visual aids.  His presentation in lesson is smooth and systematic.”

— Mrs. Chan, Principal,

DMHC Siu Ming Catholic Secondary School


“In all areas, he has manifested a high degree in mastering the subject and being capable in assisting the students grasp of the subject.  I highly recommend Mr. Leung.”

— Bro. John O'Donnell, Principal,

St. Joseph International School


“Two of his senior students were accepted early decision at Dartmouth and Vassar respectively last December.  Mr. Leung is extremely knowledgeable about several overlapping fields.  Furthermore, he has made every effort to keep abreast of the rapid changes in computer science.  As Mr. Leung is very knowledgeable, hard working, open to new ideas, and energetic, I highly recommend him.”

— Mr. Jeffrey C. Miller, College Counselor,

St. Joseph International School


"It is my pleasure to recommend Hinwa Leung.
I am the General Manager of the division in which Hinwa had been working until recently.
We found him to be a consistently pleasant and highly qualified math teacher with an in-depth knowledge of math, who was capable of teaching all levels of students with dedication and a smile.
He thoroughly studied all the materials that he was required to use and considered the most effective ways to teach with it.
Moreover, he cheered up his students during net lesson (interactive virtual lesson), and succeeded in making lessons fun with a friendly approach.
As a result of this, the attendance rate of his students was always fairly high. Obviously, students liked his lessons very much, and we hold him in high regard as one of our best teachers.


— Stanford U's EPGY Program, Japan Coordinator

Kojiro Tsumatori General Manager Nagase Management Inc.

“I am glad to have chosen Ray as my Math tutor, who helped me to get A* in IGCSE math and 7 in IBDP HL math subject. Thank you Ray, for improving my math skills and exam techniques significantly!”

— Rosa from KGV School, HK


“I have been Ray’s student for 2 years. I used to  think that taking math tutorials is not as useful and effective, because math skills cannot be improved within merely a few months, it’s something about whether you got a strong foundation or not. But after attending Ray’s class, I found quick improvements and there are more to learn in his lessons. Now, I feel like reborn and more confident in doing HKDSE math. I also join his chemistry classes.  His notes are comprehensive, in a sense that they self-contained and cover all the areas in the syllabus. Thank you, Mr. Ray, and your team, for all your hard work and preparation. I appreciate all your efforts to us.”

— Brian from DBS, HK


“Thank you very much for your fantastic explanations in chemistry! You make chemitsry alive and easy. Your skills and tricks are very practical and useful in examinations! Thank you!”

— Daisuke from International Secondary School, Japan


“Ray is a great teacher.  Thanks to him, I get to know how to apply math concepts in physics.
With Ray’s professional teaching and critical analysis of various physics phenomena, I got a more in-depth understanding of the physical world and the applications in daily life.  I passed GCE AL with flying colors and entered a prestigious university. Thanks Ray!”

— Janet from Shatin College, HK

“Thanks to Mr. Leung, my son and daughter have great progress in school homework and become much interested in math and science! His lectures are fun with a lot of interactive audio visual tools and household experiments. It is so generous of him to allow me to audit in his class.”

— Mrs. Lee from Yau Ma Tei


“Mr. Leung is very knowledgeable and experienced in teaching all aspects of math, chemistry, physics and integrated science.”

— Mr. Yuen from Pokfulam

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