Co-founder, Academic Consultant, Online Physics tutor

Dr. Leung

Physics PhD @Cambridge U,
Queen's College Academic Champion
HKCE 8A1B (ranked 2nd in HK),


Prince Philip Scholarship, Croucher Fellowship,
Nevill Mott Prize,
Visiting scholar to Medical School of CUHK.

Consultant to Google

Dr Leung was on the Prince Philip Scholarship for his undergraduate Natural Sciences degree at Girton College, Cambridge University. The Croucher Foundation funded his PhD in 1991 on structural phrase transitions of rock-forming minerals, and his fellowship in 1995 on superconducting ceramics and magnetic thin films. Both at the University of Cambridge.

For detailed scholarship and professionalism of Dr. Leung,please click below.

Tutors of IELTS English


• with years of experience living overseas

• PhDs from a prestigious university 

• Authors of academic papers and books

Co-founder, Math TA

Ms Helen Leung

1st Hons Engineer @HKU 
• Diocesan Girls' School (DGS) 's

   Academic Champion

• HKCE 8A1B (ranked 2nd in HK) 

• HKAL 5A (ranked 1st in HK)

Co-founder, Tutor of Math, Chem, Physics, Japanese

Ray Leung

(former Math Professor,

Lakeland University, Japan)

Math MA, BA @UC

Chem B.Sc.(Hons) @HKU

Management MBA @IUJ

★ HKCE 7A (ranked 12th in HK),



★HKDSE Physics 5**
★U. of California, MA Math, 12A1B, double study load,

   completed 4-year Math BA requirements in 9 months.
★Graduate Record Exam: Chem 980(1st HK, world top<1%),
   Math 940 (world top 10%), Physics 920 (world top 5%)
★SAT Math (II) 800, Chem 800, Physics 800

   (all perfect scores with 1 ✓ on the same day)
★ Hong Kong Indian Chamber of Commerce Scholarship,

     University Mathematics First Prize Dean List,

     University of California Exchange/Graduate Scholarship,

     Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship,

     HKMA Susan Yuen Fellowship & Research Foundation

     Scholarship, IPC Scholarship,

     U. of Birmingham Scholarship for International Students

Tutor of Math,Physics

Mr Mark Mok

Math MSc @HKU
• HKCE 6A 

• DSE 5** in Math, M2, Physics 

• Representative of HK Olympiad Math Team 

• Proven records of students getting 597/600

A* in GCE A level Core Math, 

5** in DSE Math (Top 1.4%), Physics (Top 3%),  7/7 in IB Math, Physics,

800 in SAT Math, Physics

Tutor of Math, Statistics & Calculus, Admission Advisor

Kai Cheung (KC)

Mathematical Science, B.Sc.@Auckland Uni. of Technology
• New Zealander

• Experienced full Time teacher at int'l schools for  6 years  

• Professional math, computing and statistics tutor for

   25 years

• Admission Counselor for 5 years

• Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching (Education),

   University of Auckland (QS rank 35 in education, 2019)

• Top Undergraduate Award, average A+ grades, Statistics NZ 

Tutor of Math,English, Statistics

Mr Jeremy Chan

Decision Analysis B.Sc. @HKU
• Native English speaker 

• English Ambassador at Holy Cross Inspirational Academy 

• Tutor for SEN students at HKIS 

• Experienced English & math teacher

Tutor of Chinese Language, LS, Mandarin

Miss Crystal Cheng

Master @CUHK
• Her DSE results are highlighted with  

Chinese Language: 5**

• Liberal Studies: 5*

• Chinese Literature: 5*

Teaching certificates:
★TEFL from Tokyo Language Arts College,
★Mathematics Proficiency Certificate level A,
★various teaching licenses in Japan,
★IBO certified (level 3) IBDP math teacher,


★HKEDB permitted teacher's license (P157437) on high school math, chemistry, physics 

+18 years school teaching +8 years private tutoring
★Adjunct Math Professor of Intermediate Algebra and Pre-Calculus for BA degree programs at Lakeland College, Japan

★Taught Math, Physics and Chemistry at Ritsumeikan University Uji High School (IBDP school)

★Taught IBDP math, chemistry, physics  and coached Olympiad math at Diocesan Boys' School

★Taught GCE AL Further Pure Math, Core Math, Mechanics, Chemistry, SAT Chemistry Math Subject Tests for Jiangmen No.1 High School (Modern Education)

★Taught HKDSE chemistry, Math, Integrated Science for DMHC Siu Ming Catholic Secondary School

Tutor of English and French

Miss Genie Au

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) @ HKU 2009

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) @ HKU 2009
- over 5-year experience in tutoring English for secondary schools students
- spent a year in France with experience teaching french for kids
- post-graduate extensive work in legal industry
- practical career guidance in professions of Accounting and Law

Tutor of Math, Olympaid Math, English, Statistics

Miss A Chan

B.Sc. in Statistics@CUHK
• Major: Math. + Statistics
• Minor: Computer Science
• Sincere at teaching students to tackle with problems in subjects.
• Increase students’ curiosity to learn new things in assigned subjects.
• School representative for taking part into the International Math. Olympiad.
• Mentor at Dept. of Statistics, CUHK
• Honorable guest of several students’ societies at HKU, CUHK and HKUST.

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