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★90% of our regular students have gone to prestigious universities: HKU, CUHK, HKUST, Ritsumeikan University, Ritsumeikan Asian Pacific University, Toronto University, University College London (world top 5), Emory University.

★In 2013, our students have got IGCSE 8A*1A, IGCSE 3A*1A, my HKDSE student has got accepted by Imperial College London, among the world top 10 universities.

★2015 September, J. Wong has been granted offer from University College London (UCL) Faculty of Laws, with UCL scholarship. J. Wong was selected among fifteen hundred candidates to be the team leader for little astronauts to participate in the space simulation training program organized by NASA in the United States.
★2015, my math student J. Chan was granted early offer from Department of Mathematics, University of Hong Kong.
★2015 June, my GCE AS student Amy has achieved 4A (Math 98%, Chem 97%, Physics 93%) in all GCE AS exams, 12 papers all A and 5 papers perfect scores. In fact, she has drastically improved from 4U to 4A within 4 months under my guidance.
Alan has achieved 3A1B in GCE AS exams.
Li Wanyu has achieved 3A in all GCE AS exams.
★2016 January, my GCE AL student Li Wanyu has achieved 1A*2A (Chem, Math, physics)
A* in Chem, 3 papers all distinctions:
Unit 4:88%
Unit 5:100%, hardest paper, Perfect score!
Unit 6:97%

★2016 March, my GCE AL student Wu Amy has been granted early offers from CUHK Science Faculty with a scholarship of HK$360000/4 years, and an honorary academic award certificate, in view of her brilliant GCE AS exam results in 2015.
2016 August, she has achieved 3A*A in Edexcel AL exams. During the past 16 months, I have been teaching her core math, further pure math, physics, mechanics, and chemistry.  And I wrote recommendation letters for her university admission.
★2016 August, Alan has achieved A*AAB in Edexcel AL exams.
Raven has achieved 4A in Edexcel AS exams.

★2016, all my DSE students got ≥5* in math.

★2017, all my DSE students got ≥5* in math.


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